Top Ten Most Popular Vegetables to Grow and Eat

Michelle RobertsGardening, Self Reliant Living


Have you ever wondered what the ten most popular vegetables to grow and eat are?

After a few years selling vegetables at the Farmer’s Markets, that is a question I began asking. Not only did I want to know which were the most popular, but which were relatively popular, maybe not the top five, but still popular, yet not well represented at the market.

After reading through five different articles from various companies that ranked the most popular vegetables,  and combining their results, I discovered that TOMATOES are the #1 most popular vegetable  based on how often they are purchased by households and how popular they are to grow in a home garden.

With a possible score of 50, tomatoes scored a whopping 40 points.  That came as no surprise to me. Tomatoes are a good choice for a top ten as they are packed with 18 Kcals of energy, vitamins A, C, E, K, electrolytes, minerals, and phyto-nutrients.

Here is the rest of the top ten, which are also power packed with vitamins and nutrients:

2.   Carrots: 39
3.   Potatoes: 28
4.   Broccoli: 28
5.   Onion: 21
6.   Cucumber: 17
7.   Lettuce: 17
8.   Beans: 15
9.   Peppers: 13
10. Peas: 9

We grow all of these vegetables in numerous varieties at Roberts Ranch and Gardens, except one, Peas. Peas are not my favorite thing to harvest.  After spending hours and hours shelling peas in order to make one dish for my  family, we decided that perhaps peas weren’t our thing. However, don’t let me discourage you from giving them a try.  You may not have 12 mouths to feed and you might enjoy shelling peas. . . . . . . . . .  forever.
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