Quick Tips for Terrific Tomato Plants

Michelle RobertsGardening, Planting Tips


Here are a couple tips and tricks I thought I would share with you to try out in your own garden.
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Sue Parker shared this tip in Mother Earth News 1/3/2012:

[pullQuote position=”center”]One of the many things I learned from my grandmother was how to plant tomatoes for a maximum crop. She would work the soil until it was nice and loose, mixing a generous scoop of well-aged manure into it. She dug the hole a bit deeper than needed and added 2 tablespoons of sugar, 2 tablespoons of well dried and crushed egg shell and a package of Knox plain gelatin. Then she put a bit of the soil back into the hole and planted the tomato. The one year that I forgot to add everything I had a very sorry crop, so I guess it really works! Gram died at the age of 84 in 1992.
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From Jon Frank of International Ag Labs

This one is pretty scientific, but that is what I expect from Jon.
[pullQuote position=”center”]All nitrogen is not the same . . . use calcium nitrate and potassium nitrate to provide growth energy and bulk up your plants, then switch to reproductive fertilizers using ammonium sulfate , 11-52-0 or urea. Then spray the plants with a diulte reproductive spray made from household ammonia, phosphoric acid, vinegar, etc. This will cause the plants to form tons of yellow blossoms in a short time. The broadcast switches the soil while the foliar switches the plants. Once a large bunch of tomatoes set, switch back to growth energy and it will stop more reproduction and ripen large tomatoes all at once.
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From Michelle Roberts

[pullQuote position=”center”]After your plants have established themselves, take off bottom leaves and mulch around the stem with some sort of mulch; straw, newspaper, wood chips, or lots of dry leaves will work. Mulching keeps the soil at a more constant moisture which helps prevent cracking.
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