Nano-Ag Answer


Nano-Ag Answer is organic certified and ORMI listed. It is designed to wake up, energize and stimulate the naturally occurring microorganisms in your soil, plants, and water. It furnishes immediate energy to microbial life by providing high energy, natural as well as a balance blend of water soluble trace mineral electrolytes derived from 8 different carbon sources. It contains a complete system of enzymes for microorganism stimulation and replication. These enzymes also work with natural plant hormones to help plants reach their full potential. It is made from a shale, leonardite extract that is organically certified and ORMI listed.

Ingredients include:

  • Humic plant extracts
  • Seaweed
  • Peatmoss’glucose’
  • Shale leonardite

Product Description

A natural fertilizer that feeds the microbes instead of the plant, creating a highly populated community of organisms that make all necessary nutrients more available to the plants. Garden in harmony with the Earth. This product is “THE ANSWER!”

***Previously Bio-N-Live Answer and Carbon Answer were offered separately, and needed to be mixed before application. Now they are offered in an already mixed powdered “nano” state.

This new packaging cuts down on shipping costs, storage space, the need to mix the two together, and has a longer shelf life. The new Nano-Ag Answer comes in small packets that will cover 1/2 acre of crops which in most conditions is all you need to apply for the season. Additionally, nano technology provides quick absorption of the product by the macro and micro organisms in the soil. It can be applied with a hose sprayer, backpack sprayer, sprinkler, or through the irrigation system. One packet will cover 1/2 acre of vegetation and in most cases is all you will need for the season.

Use on field crops, row crops, grasses, trees, vines, lawns, gardens, shrubs,ornamentals, flowers, succulents, cacti, composting and worm farms. Safe for use around ponds and water features. OMRI Listed. Packets are sold 10 to a card for $125.00. Apply to a 1/4 acre garden for $6.25. Only two applications are needed, one as plants are getting established, and the other as they are maturing and beginning to bear.

Lettuce grown with Nano-Ag- Answer and AZOMITE
Lettuce grown with Nano-Ag-Answer, AZOMITE,  and compost.