Hot Weather Gardening Tips

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Tessa harvesting romaine

With +100° weather all over the country this summer, how is your garden growing? Here are some hot weather gardening tips to help you beat the heat and continue to enjoy a delicious harvest. It has definitely been an unusual June for us. We don’t see 100° until some time in late July, if then. Typically we only have 5 -7 days the whole summer where the mercury rises above the century mark, however, this year we have already broken 100 and seem to be headed for more hot days in the future. It’s another example of strange and unusual … Read More

Reading The Leaves – Garden Troubleshooting

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Have you ever wondered why your plants look so deformed, aren’t growing really well, and seem to be turning yellow, and brown? Learn to read the leaves. It will turn your gardening experience into success every year. Sometimes no matter how much we try, the plants in our garden just don’t do well. Over the next few weeks I will be posting some troubleshooting posts to help you overcome common difficulties. It isn’t unusual for one plant in the same row to suffer from nutrient deficiencies when the other plants are doing fine. If the fertilizers or soil amendments were … Read More

All About Apples

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“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” And that is no kidding! Some of the benefits of eating apples include: whiter, healthier teeth, helps protect against and fight Alzheimers, protects against Parkinson’s, Curbs Cancers, decreases risks of diabetes, reduces cholesterol, reduces gallstones, supports a healthy heart, and more! Apples should be on the list of foods to eat and foods to preserve.

Putting The Garden To Bed

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Fall Clean Up in the Garden

The first hard frost has hit, wiped out the garden, and its time to call it quits for another year. As you put the garden to bed for the winter, remember that the goal in the garden is always to feed the soil. By that, we mean feed the microbial community that lives down under. They are key to growing everything wonderful. We want to give them as much energy as we can during the long cold winter months. We close down our beds as early as September when the summer crops are all harvested. However, if there is time, … Read More

Growing Tomatoes

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Tomato Plants without Tomatoes? Tomatoes that are not ripening? Small tomatoes? It’s August and time to start harvesting tomatoes. A big frustration for many gardeners is big beautiful tomato plants with very few blossoms and no tomatoes or tomatoes that are still green and the winter season is coming, but the tomatoes won’t ripen. An abundance of small tomatoes is also a frustration for some.  Why is this happening and what can you do to overcome the problem in time to harvest? Most of the problems with a lack of tomato set is an over abundance of growth energy in … Read More

Garden – Get in on Good Vibrations

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The Earth vibrates at an amazingly healing frequency.

In Clinton Ober’s Book “Earthing” he states that we are all electrical beings and so is the Earth. There exists a primordial relationship between Mother Earth and You. The electrical charges coming from the Earth are actually soothing, strengthening, and healing. Who would have thought! David Wolfe, an author, speaker, and outspoken authority on healthy lifestyles believes the common shoe is perhaps the “world’s most dangerous invention.”