Self-Reliant Living – Don’t Let It Stress You

Roberts RanchSelf Reliant Living


My son came over the other day to gather greens from our hoop house. He was ready to begin his bi-annual juice fast. As we were visiting around the kitchen table, I was exited to have he and his wife try my latest batch of fermented beans and cabbage. They were preserved months ago and still have a wonderful crunchy flavor. They quite enjoyed them –to my great pleasure. We visited about all the time it takes to bake your own bread, make your own food, and grow your own garden. He and his wife are so busy building a business and taking care of children. They have a great desire to live and eat differently, but are like many people – overwhelmed. The time it took to come over, harvest, wash, spin, and bag their spinach was more than most people feel they can spend – and they didn’t even have to grow it. Who really has the time for it all?

The convenience of the grocery store and fast food restaurants really does make it hard to take the time that is necessary to live self-reliantly. Understand that you don’t have to change everything you do tomorrow. Don’t stress about it. Focus on one thing at a time, learn all you can about it, and start implementing needed changes. If you make it a priority and part of the culture of your home, it won’t be so daunting. Set some reasonable, doable goals, and as the years go by, you will surprise yourself at how much self-reliant living you have incorporated into your daily routine. Unless you’ve been raised that way, self-reliant living will be an ongoing goal. It will take time to completely change your lifestyle. The important thing is that you begin to make small, permanent changes on a regular basis. Whatever end goal you have, don’t stress it, you don’t have to do it all right now. Just take things a step at a time, it will be well worth achieving.