Lesson One:  Sprouting 

Sprouts are a big part of the diet

Lesson Two:  Wheatgrass Juice

Sprouts are a big part of the diet

Josh using the broadfork

Germinating Seeds Indoors

New seedlings emerge from soil

Lesson Six: Transpotting/Transplanting Seedlings

Marigold starts for the gardens

Lesson Eight:Food Preservation

Lesson Nine:Fermentation

crocks for fermentation

Crocks for Fermented Vegetables

Lesson Ten:Fermented Drinks


Kefir and Ginger Bug


Self-Reliance Lessons To Look Forward To:

  • Pest management, watering systems, succession planting, harvesting
  • Food preservation and storage; drying, canning, freezing,
  • Soap making
  • Lotions, oils, and ointments
  • Herbs; medicinal and culinary – preservation and use
  • Making your own bread from natural yeast cultures and your stored wheat
  • Milk cows/goats – pros and cons, making your own butter, whey, cheese
  • Seeds – storing, gathering, GMO’s, heirloom, open-pollinated, hybrids
  • Beekeeping
  • Energy healing, midwifery
  • Financial Freedom
  • Educational Options – brick and mortar schools, online, homeschool
  • Physical and mental wellbeing – nutrition, yoga, chakras, exercise, earthing
  • Hunting and Fishing – gun safety, tanning,
  • Energy Alternatives – solar, wind, wood stoves
  • Cooking – dutch oven, solar,


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