On this page you’ll find a number of self-reliance resources which include excellent charts, recipes, catalogs, maps, and diagrams that will help you gain knowledge, understanding, and allow you to be more successful in your efforts to be  self reliant.


“Independent people look at what’s worked, learn from what hasn’t, set new priorities, and then move on.”

Self Reliance Resources - Beekeeping


~ Jeanne Sharbuno

Lesson 1: Sprouts

Sprouting Chart
Sprout Recipes
More Sprouting Information

 Lesson 3 & 5: Starting Seeds Indoors / Soils

Fertilizing Seedlings
Seed Catalogs
Zone Map and Seed Starting Calculator
Potting Soil Recipes

Lesson 3: Preparing the Soil and Planting

Natural Soil Amendments
Crop Rotation Charts and Diagrams
How to plant squash in Hills
How to plant potatoes
















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