Plant Disease Appears When Plant Nutrients Are Low

Michelle RobertsGardening

Planting a Garden Using Succession Planting

Its thrilling to see the first signs of germination in your garden.  The young seedling is full of nutrition delivered by the soil, sun, water, and also by the seed itself.  A newly germinated seed has 6 times the nutrition of a seed that has not germinated.  That is why sprouts are so good for you.  For a time, if you have prepared your soils well, the plant thrives and looks great.  Then, just as the plant is getting mature enough to harvest, things start going wrong.  Yellowing of the leaves develops into brown dead spots that spread throughout the leaves on the whole plant.  Tips of lettuce turn brown, shrivel up and die, zucchini turns yellow on the plant, or tomato plants have black spots or the leaves are curled tight and the fruit is sparse. Root rot, canker, and many more awful looking symptoms show up.


For the most part, plant disease appears when plant nutrients are low.  Because seedlings are small and don’t need a lot of nutrients to support them, things seem ok.  As time goes on  the plant draws more and more energy from the soil – in the form of minerals and nutrients.  As the essential nutrients are used up, the plant begins to show signs of nutrient deficiency.  An observant gardener can read these signs in the leaves long before disease sets in.  If you act quickly to supply the nutrient that is low, the plant will bounce back and you can enjoy a bounteous harvest.

If time goes by without some kind of soil amendment, chances are the plant will become weak and will not be able to overcome plant disease or pests.  I believe it is natures way of taking care of plants that are not fit for human consumption.  They are naturally destroyed.  Modern science has developed fungicides and pesticides to kill the natural predators.  I’m not so sure that is a good thing.  The plant is still deficient in essential nutrients.  If it is “kept alive” by chemical sprays, and then we eat it, aren’t we also deficient in essential nutrients?  What ought to have been destroyed and turned back to mother earth is now in our system.  Is it no wonder we too become weak and unable to overcome diseases and parasites.  Hmmm makes sense to me.  So we have to be sprayed with fungicides and pesticides in the form of antibiotics, antihistamines, anti-inflammatories, and the like.

I’m always amazed at the size of a pumpkin and the plant it grew on.  It is so huge and the fruit is heavy.  It is important to remember that much has come out of the soil in order to create such an amazing vegetable.  We have to return what was taken out if we expect the next vegetable planted to do well.


Azomite 44 lb. bag

Keep your soils nutrient dense by adding back in the form of composts and mineral supplements like Azomite.  Remember to  feed your microbes with products like Nano-Ag Answer.  You can also feed your soils with raw milk and molasses.  Microbes love the stuff!.  Earthworm castings are incredibly nutrient dense and will help your garden immensely.  Be good to your soils so they can be good to your plants.