Plant A Green Drinks Garden

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Green Drink Smoothies

The green drink morning pick me up is the best thing to hit the breakfast menu!

Green drinks are packed with vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and energy.  Best absorbed on an empty stomach, they are an excellent way to start your day.  Just knowing I had a green drink helps me relax about my nutritional needs for the rest of the day.

Dark leafy greens are the powerhouses of the juicing world.  How much better for you would that green drink be if it came from your own garden, was not sprayed with pesticides or fungicides, and was not fertilized with synthetically based fertilizers?  This year consider growing. . . . . . . . . . . . .

The Green Drinks Garden!

Kale tops the list with an ANDI score of 1000.  
ANDI stands for:

“Aggregate Nutrient Density Index and shows the nutrient density of a food on a scale from 1 to 1000 based on nutrient content” – Whole Foods MarketWhole Foods Market
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The Top 10 on the ANDI list include:

Vegetable ANDI Score
Kale 1000
Mustard/Turnip/Collard Greens 1000
Watercress 1000
Bok Choy 824
Spinach 739
Broccoli Rabe 715
Chinese Cabbage 704
Brussel Sprouts 672
Swiss Chard 670
Arugula 559
[spacer height=”30″ mobile_hide=”true”] Some of these are cool season crops and would do best in the spring and fall or with a hoophouse – through the winter.  Others  can be harvested throughout the summer growing season.  So no matter what time of year there are options for your home grown green drinks. Be sure to pick up some seeds and plant high scoring greens.
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Collard Greens

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Bok Choy

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