How to Kill a Chicken

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chicken killing

My mother was raised on a farm and spent her young life cleaning hundreds of eggs every day after school. Like most of us, she didn’t pay too much attention to the other things that pertain to life on the farm, unless of course, she was assigned to participate in it.  When I asked her how I was supposed to kill a chicken, she remembered her Dad bringing a chicken to her mother in the kitchen after he had cut it’s head off.  Her mother would skin it, gut it, and prepare it for dinner in about 20 minutes.  It was a normal part of farm life.  Unfortunately, she never participated in that part of it.   So I was thrilled when my neighbor, who spent his young life on a chicken farm and processed a hundred chickens a day, invited me to come over and watch his sister in law kill one of their more unfriendly roosters and prepare it for dinner.  She  has spent her life preparing chickens for dinner in her kitchen as well, just like my grandmother.  Even though this video is not taken in a kitchen, it very well could have been.  I hope this will help all the rookie chicken farmers like myself  understand the art of preparing chicken  for dinner.  Many thanks to my good neighbor and his sister in law for sharing this with us.