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Pot up your own starts in flower pots or hanging baskets and enjoy a burst of color as soon as the weather is warm enough to set them out.

Save a little money by starting your own vegetable seedlings or start a business to supplement your income.

Know for sure how your food is grown, where the seeds came from, and if they have been sprayed with pesticides and herbicides.

Whatever your reasons are for owning a hoop house, you will be pleased with an EverGrow Hoop House Kit from Roberts Ranch and Gardens. Engineered for strength and durability in inclement weather or snow loads, our hoop houses will protect your plants from the ravages of wind, hail, and pesky insects.

Our Kits are easy to build and come with detailed instructions as well as video links. If you still have questions, we are a phone call away.

One of the best reasons for owning and growing in a hoophouse is the security it brings during economically challenging times. We grow and harvest year round in our hoop houses in spite of below freezing temperatures and snow on the ground. Learn how by taking classes in our Learning Center.

Two and a half feet of snow fell in just over 4 hours. It was late fall and the snow was wet and heavy. After a couple of days the snow began to break apart and slide down the sides. These pictures show the progression of the snow from freshly fallen, to a week later when the snow had piled up along the sides, where it stayed for most of the winter months, creating a kind of cocoon that helped insulate against extremely low temperatures. With the arches built every 4′ and strong UV protected 6 mil polyfilm, our hoop houses stand strong in heavy snow storms.

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For the DIY enthusiast who just wants a set of plans, here is an option for you. Our plans include step by step instructions, a list of materials, a list of tools needed, engineered plans, numerous color photos, and video access.

If you should have any questions, we are just a phone call away and we are happy to help.

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We Build Custom Hoop Houses

If you live in Utah, we can build your hoop house for you. We have been built hoop houses for NRCS grant recipients, commercial landscapers, and backyard gardeners. We build quonset style hoop houses as they are the most economical and while they do not shed snow as well as the gothic, the hoop is the strongest structure and we have had NO failures in our six years in business.

Because we are also growers, we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to hoop houses. Our design was specifically engineered for strength and durability in winds, snow loads, and heavy rain or hail. We do not build wider than 24′ as that requires more interior trusses, making the structure more expensive. You can choose bay door options, man doors on both ends or just one end, double layered plastic, roll up bars, or metal framed doors. Our prices start at $35.00 per perimeter foot. If you are interested, contact us for a quote.

The term “hoophouse” is used interchangeably with high tunnel, cool house, cold house, and cold frame. It refers to an unheated structure used to extend the growing season for flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Read More …