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Hoop House / High Tunnels

4' sidewall high tunnel Meet Kevin, he is the forman for all hoophouse construction. Kevin is on his way to being a mechanical engineer and does a lot to improve our product. He designed these bay doors so that they would not be as accessible to high winds, would not be in the way, are easy to raise and lower, and easily seal for winterization.

We can Build Your Custom Hoop House, or we can Ship a Kit for the DIY enthusiasts


Harvesting Chard, beans, and tomatoes in November

Eat healthy! Enjoy crisp lettuce, vine ripened tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, mouth-watering melons, and sweet strawberries from March through November in your own backyard hoophouse. Pot up your own flower pots, hanging baskets, starts, and enjoy a burst of color as soon as the weather is warm enough to set them out. Save a little money and start your own vegetable seeds or start a business to supplement your income. Protect your plants from the ravages of wind, hail, and pesky insects with a backyard hoophouse. With a little heat, you can have fresh veggies all year. One of the best reasons for owning and growing in a hoophouse is the security it brings during economically challenging times. Another great reason is so you know how your food is grown, what it is fertilized with, and where the seeds came from.

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The term “hoophouse” is used interchangeably with high tunnel, cool house, cold house, and cold frame. It refers to an unheated structure used to extend the growing season for flowers, fruits, and vegetables. It takes 3-5 days to construct a hoophouse, weather permitting.

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We are NRCS approved and have built many hoop houses through the EQUIP program. Here is an example of one of our NRCS hoop houses



Custom Hoophouses include:

  • roll up sides for ventilation
  • storm door
  • single layer UV “Sunmaster” 6 mil poly film (rated at 4-6 years)
  • base and spring lock attachment system which allows for ease in cover replacement.
  • 1 3/8” 16 gauge galvanized steel pipe frame
  • Front & back wall 2×4 construction
  • Pressure treated baseplate

Putting up a big one

You will be impressed with the sturdiness of the structure as well as the success you will have with your plants. Our hoophouses withstand high winds, heavy snow, and hail. When comparing our prices to other high tunnel structures, you will find that we give you more value in our kits and our custom jobs than most other high tunnel suppliers. Our structures have a %100 fail safe record which is not the case for so many “greenhouse” and high tunnel systems sold today. Its a very discouraging thing to have your hoop house come down in a strong wind, destroying a whole season of vegetables and costing you lots of money in repairs as well. Custom built high tunnels are $32.00/perimeter foot. We can build any length and up to 24′ wide. In most states permits are not required and you do not need a licensed contractor. Hoop houses and Hightunnels are protected under the Farm Rights Act. Our standard hoophouses come in  12′, and 24′ widths. We can build them as long as you want.

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Do It Yourself 10 x 12 Hoop House Kit


10 x 12 Hoophouse

10 x 12 Kit Includes:

  • 4 ribs of #16 galvanized steel
  • 1 purlin and 2 roll up bars of #16 galvanized steel
  • fabric clips
  • hand cranks
  • single layer UV “Sunmaster” 6 mil poly film (rated at 4-6 years)
  • base and spring lock attachment system which allows for ease in cover replacement.
  • Complete instruction booklet and access to “How To” videos


Price:  $975.00 (Includes shipping!).

Wood for base frame, roll up board and storm door provided by buyer.

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How To Build Your Own Backyard Hoophouse Instructions


Hoophouse Plans

Hoophouse Plans


                     Price $49.99   

This manual will guide you through every step of the building process. It will also give links to videos that give you a clear picture of what you need to do.

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Bagging herbs for the market

Built by growers for growers. We understand what works.