High Brix Garden

Roberts RanchGardening

Our goal for the 2015 season is a high brix garden.  Organic is such a widely used word, and what does it really insure us of?  How do you know if your food is any better or worse than what you are buying in the store?

The philosophy behind a high brix garden is that by feeding the soil instead of the plant, the micro-organisms that are responsible for the natural supply of major and minor vitamins, minerals, and nutrients are able to thrive.  The soil is alive with life and energy.  That energy is then transferred to the plant, making it nutrient rich and naturally more resistant to disease and pest infestation.  When you eat nutrient rich food, the same vital energy is transferred to you and you are in turn, more resistant to disease and infestation.  You have more of the essential nutrients necessary for a healthy life.

At Roberts Ranch CSA Farm in Utah County we test the plant tissues to see what the brix readings are, and do all we can to feed the soil, supporting the natural life cycles of living organisms that would otherwise be destroyed by the use of synthetic chemicals. We have grow beds that are receiving good to high readings and some that are good to poor.  Because of our testing, we know which beds need more attention and we strive to get high readings everywhere.

We know through our own testing that looks can deceive.  Some of the most beautiful, perfectly shaped food in the stores are lower in brix readings than our poorest quality foods.  Don’t be fooled.  Looks aren’t everything!!  If you’re wondering about the quality of your food, buy  a refractometer and do your own testing!