Growing Broccoli

Michelle RobertsGardening, Planting Tips


Broccoli – A Superfood Worth Growing

Whether you love it or hate it,  broccoli is definitely a nutritional wonder and a vegetable worth its weight in gold.  It benefits the nervous system, immune system, bone health, heart health, blood pressure, is a diet aid, prevents cancer, repairs skin damage, is full of vitamin C, K, and also contains protein!

The first step in growing broccoli is to contact your local extension service for seed recommendations. There are certain varieties of broccoli that are more suited to your soils and planting them will bring more success.  Once you have selected the variety of broccoli you want to grow, start seed indoors 4 – 6 weeks before setting them outside. Because broccoli is a cool season crop, you can transplant them into the garden in March and harvest right up to December.  

Or you can plant a fall crop by setting starts out in August. Begin with a well composted bed.  Add calcium, and magnesium (Azomite works great and you can pick some up from us. Just go to the product page to place your order.)  You may need to supplement again during mid season because broccoli is a heavy feeder.  Space your plants about 20 inches apart or according to the seed packet recommendations for the variety you picked.Protect them with row covers during snow storms as the weight of the snow can break the stem.

Harvest heads when the florets are still tightly closed.   On most broccoli plants there will be a large central head and then lots of small offshoots.  If you keep cutting the shoots, the broccoli will continue to create them giving you a long lasting  supply the whole season long.

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