What Is In Our Food?

Michelle RobertsHealthy Lifestyles, Self Reliant Living


Robyn Obrien Speaks Out

Robyn Obrien is expressing the frustrations of many of us who have taken the time to ask the questions and do the research and then have become truly amazed at the astounding disregard for the health and well being of mankind.  If you have time I encourage you to watch her TED talk here.

What can I do?

I realize that I can’t very easily overturn decisions of Congress or take major companies and corporations to court, but I can make a statement with my pocketbook and refuse to buy their products. I can and have decided to return to the days when we fed our own families.
As inconvenient as that is in our modern times of high tech, high speed, fast paced lifestyles, a viable answer is to relearn the skills our ancestors survived by and lived well with.

I know we can’t all do everything, but we can do something.

Learn a life skill. Become a master of it. Teach it to others – to the next generation. If we all did that AND grew some of our own food, we would be free from many of the dangers of our modern age. Our seeds would be safe from genetic modifications and hybridization. Our food would build, strengthen, and sustain life instead of destroy it. Our families would be healthier and as a result happier. We would again be a self-reliant people.

Gardening Tip of the Month

When using nitrogen supplements, be careful with what you use it on. Too much ammonium nitrate applied to lettuce can cause it to bolt and go to seed early.  It can also cause carrots to grow numerous branching roots.
Lettuce in winter