Close Call For The Mother Of Nine Pups

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Here is an update on Lollydots and her nine pups. Everything was going well as long as we had them inside. Living on a mini ranch, we don’t feel the need to chain or cage our dogs. So, Lollydots pretty much has the run of the place. When I moved them out, I really hadn’t thought through what might happen if Lolldots somehow got hurt . The somehow happened. We didn’t know when or how, but she is just a little over a year old herself and loves to run and play whenever she can. With nine pups, she has a ton of milk and is much lower to the ground than she used to be if you know what I mean. I commented to the kids that she needed 4 bras to keep her from danger. I should have listened to myself.

One afternoon a concerned Tessa brought a pup to me that had blood on her face. After a closer inspection, we realized it wasn’t the pups blood. My first thought was that Lollydots was bleeding. While those pups are rather aggressive drinkers, they couldn’t create that kind of bloodflow. An inspection of Lollydots revealed a ghastly wound on one of her teats measuring a little over 2 inches in length and fairly deep. The parallel teat was also wounded, but gratefully not as bad. It looked like she got hung up on some barbed wire. We noticed that she wasn’t too keen on feeding her pups anymore. What mother would be? This was not a good thing.

We broke out the “green stuff” (great healing ointment made right here at the ranch), aloe, the bra, and another wrap. If you’ve ever bandaged an animal, you know how long it takes before they rip it off. Such was the case here, but I had to do all I could to protect her from the sharp claws of the pups and still encourage her to feed them. She undid her bandages nightly and we reapplied them daily. I lectured her good about staying home and tending to her motherly duties for a month or so and to forget about galavanting around. That was about as effective as telling my kids to do their jobs. Fortunately the weather was warming and we would be able to get to the dog kennel, free it of all the ice and snow, and set them up in there. Lolly doesn’t really like it, but its for the best. I was not liking the idea of bottle feeding nine pups. Tessa checks on them regularly and plays with Lollydots when she can. The wound is healing – thankfully! and life is back to a new norm. Whew!