Why Eat Grass Fed Beef?

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Grassfed Beef

Agricultural drug use has become a huge health concern for both animals and humans.  It is my opinion that organic, grass-fed meat, that is raised the old fashioned way – on pasture grass, is really the only type of meat worth eating, if you want to maintain good health.  People need to realize that grass-fed animals not only produce better eggs, milk & meat – but the benefit to native perennial grasses is critical to a healthy future.

In a recent article by Dr. Mercola, he states the following: “Besides beta-agonist drugs like Zilmax and Ractopamine (the latter of which, by the way, is banned in 160 countries), animals raised in American confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) are also typically given a number of other drugs, including antibiotics and hormones.”

Problems appearing in animals fed with these drugs include stomach ulcers, bloody noses, blindness, heart failure, lethargy and lameness, brain lesions, respiratory problems, and sudden death.  Many animals have been euthanized because of the severity of these problems.  It is alarming to say the least.  Zilmax is a drug that puts a lot of weight on fast.  For many ranchers, it’s all about the money.  If they can make more money selling a heavy cow that can’t hardly breathe or walk into the slaughter house, who cares.  The end justifies the means.

Another question you’re probably asking after finding that out, is how much of these drug am I eating when I go to a restaurant and order beef, or when I buy a hamburger, or if you buy your beef in the grocery store, as most Americans do, how much of this drug is entering my body every time I sit down to eat?  It’s a question that needs to be seriously considered.  On the bright side, It is nice to know that Tyson Foods Inc. will no longer accept shipments of chicken or beef that have been fed Zilmax.

Those two drugs aren’t the only problems with our meat. You are essentially getting a concoction of drugs in every piece of meat you eat. “The routine use of antibiotics alone now poses a significant threat to human health, as it has spawned a dramatic rise in antibiotic-resistant disease. Instead of their natural diet, which is plain grass, feed-lot cattle are also fed a wholly unnatural diet consisting of pesticide-laden and oftentimes genetically engineered (GE) grains—mostly consisting of corn and soy.” – Dr. Mercola

If you are still wondering what the problem with GE crops is,  a study of amounts of calcium, magnesium, and manganese in GE corn verses traditional corn revealed an alarming reduction of these essential minerals in the GMO corn. For example, calcium was over 400% higher in non-GMO corn.   That mineral deficiency is transferred all along the food chain resulting in a human being deficient in essential minerals.  Mineral deficiencies in humans manifest themselves in various different maladies.  Any gardener knows what mineral deficiencies do to plants, we can only imagine they are doing the same to us.

Organic, grass-fed and finished meat, that is humanely raised and butchered, is really about the only type of meat that is healthy to eat. By purchasing your meat from smaller farms that raise their animals in a humane fashion, according to organic principles, you’re promoting the proliferation of such farms, which in the end will benefit everyone, including all the animals.  Roberts Ranch and Gardens raises beef according to the principles of sustainable pasture management.  When grazed in such a way, there is a holistic, symbiotic relationship developed between the grasses, their roots, microbes, and the cows.  They feed each other raising the quality of nutrients to the soil, plants, and animals. Its the way nature and nature’s God intended it.

If you are interested in grass fed and grass finished beef from Roberts Ranch and Gardens,  go to our contact page and send us a message.  We will be sure to get back with you ASAP.