Top Ten Most Popular Vegetables to Grow and Eat

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Have you ever wondered what the ten most popular vegetables to grow and eat are?   After a few years selling vegetables at the Farmer’s Markets, that is a question I began asking. Not only did I want to know which were the most popular, but which were relatively popular, maybe not the top five, but still popular, yet not well represented at the market. After reading through five different articles from various companies that ranked the most popular vegetables,  and combining their results, I discovered that TOMATOES are the #1 most popular vegetable  based on how often they are purchased … Read More

Plant A Green Drinks Garden

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Green Drink Smoothies

The green drink morning pick me up is the best thing to hit the breakfast menu! Green drinks are packed with vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and energy.  Best absorbed on an empty stomach, they are an excellent way to start your day.  Just knowing I had a green drink helps me relax about my nutritional needs for the rest of the day. Dark leafy greens are the powerhouses of the juicing world.  How much better for you would that green drink be if it came from your own garden, was not sprayed with pesticides or fungicides, and was not fertilized with … Read More

Learn More about The Incredible Benefits of Wheatgrass Juice

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Wheatgrass grown indoors

We began our series of lessons with Wheatgrass Juice and Sprouting because anyone who lives anywhere can sprout and juice in their own kitchen.  It is the number one easiest most self-reliant thing you can do.  The benefits are just amazing too.  Not only are you provided with incredible nutrition that will keep you VERY healthy, but you will not be ingesting any pesticides, herbicides, GMO’s or paying outrageous supermarket prices.  Learn more details and How To’s by connecting with Living Whole Foods Blog and get some great tips on how to grow without mold, the nutritional value of grass juice … Read More

What Is In Our Food?

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Robyn Obrien Speaks Out Robyn Obrien is expressing the frustrations of many of us who have taken the time to ask the questions and do the research and then have become truly amazed at the astounding disregard for the health and well being of mankind.  If you have time I encourage you to watch her TED talk here. What can I do? I realize that I can’t very easily overturn decisions of Congress or take major companies and corporations to court, but I can make a statement with my pocketbook and refuse to buy their products. I can and have … Read More

Self-Reliant Living – Don’t Let It Stress You

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My son came over the other day to gather greens from our hoop house. He was ready to begin his bi-annual juice fast. As we were visiting around the kitchen table, I was exited to have he and his wife try my latest batch of fermented beans and cabbage. They were preserved months ago and still have a wonderful crunchy flavor. They quite enjoyed them –to my great pleasure. We visited about all the time it takes to bake your own bread, make your own food, and grow your own garden. He and his wife are so busy building a … Read More

Green Smoothies

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Green Smoothies have become the rage in the last few years and we love them at Roberts Ranch! I don’t remember when I first heard about a green smoothie, but I do remember thinking how awful it must be to drink spinach and chard. Since then I have been introduced to some delicious smoothie recipes and I must admit – I was wrong. Spinach and Chard actually go quite well with oranges, bananas, and pineapple. Who would have thought? With year round harvesting from the hoophouse, we have an abundance of greens available. Plus that, I really needed a method … Read More

Top Five Reasons for Storing, Sprouting, and Eating Seeds

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[dropcapMedium]1[/dropcapMedium] Sprouted seeds pound for pound are more nutritious than anything else you can buy.  Did you know that a sprouted seed increases as much as 600% in its nutritive value? They also contain ALL known vitamins and nutrients. By eating them in correct combinations they provide you with complete proteins. Who needs vitamin supplements when you can get all you need in the way of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, antioxidants, immunomodulators, and more! Why spend money on supplements that don’t metabolize when you could have all the nutrition you need with sprouts.   [dropcapMedium]2[/dropcapMedium] In the earliest know studies of the 1930’s, … Read More