Calcium – An Important Plant Nutrient

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Preparing beds

The time to start planting a garden is fast approaching.  In some areas of the country, it is already here.  One of the most important steps to success in the garden is proper soil preparation. The soil is key to healthy, vibrant plants and people. In studying how to plant a garden, focus a lot of attention on the soil and necessary plant nutrients. “The nutrient delivery system for our food must begin with calcium in the soil. Calcium is an important mineral and absolutely necessary for proper function in plants and in people. It is vital to all biology.” … Read More

The Earth Worm – Nature’s Plow

Michelle RobertsPlanting Tips


A farmer’s plow and a gardener’s tiller will loosen soil just like worms do.  However, the  plow and the tiller destroy microbes, fungi, earthworms, and the underground relationships that have developed over time and through much effort.  Additionally, the weight of the plow actually contributes to soil compaction as it rolls along.  Tillers create dead pan layers from numerous years of same depth tilling which tends to compact the soil just beneath the tiller tines.  Because of the hard packed “dead pan” layer, water and roots have great difficulty penetrating it. When a worm loosens soil, the roots of plant … Read More

From Conventional to Organic

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Its the first day of spring and its blowing in like a lion!  We’ve had rain, snow, sun, clouds, and lots of wind all in one day.  Sounds like spring in Utah! We are excited about the coming season.  Our seeding schedule begins in earnest now.  We have had our cool season crops seeded for quite some time and they are ready to be transplanted into the garden.  We just need a nice enough day to do that. Our plans for this season include two more greenhouses where we will grow tomatoes and cucumbers as well as lettuce, spinach, and … Read More

Soil Preparation

Roberts RanchGardening, Planting Tips

Soil preparation is critical to the success of your gardening experience. Soils support plants physically as well as providing them with needed nutrients, water, and oxygen. Soils are complex mixtures of dead and live organisms.  All soil is not the same.  Some are more dead than others and almost all need supplementation.   There are sandy, silt, and clay soils.  Most of us have some kind of combination of those three textures.  Knowing what kind of soil you have will help you make better decisions when it comes to watering your plants.  Sandy soils do not hold water very long, … Read More