Yellow Plant Leaves

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There are a number of reasons for yellow plant leaves. Yellowing on mature bottom leaves is not always a problem as they tend to yellow, turn brown, and drop off due to lack of sunshine or close contact with a wet soggy ground, or just because they have lived their life and are done. However, when yellowing occurs throughout the plant, it is the first visible sign that something is wrong. Figuring out the problem and solving it can be critical to the life of the plant as well as the quantity and quality of fruit or vegetable production. [spacer … Read More

Weeds – The Problem With Purslane

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Purslane is the bane of a gardener’s existence.  It is a weed you don’t want to see sprouting in your beds.   Those who have purslane are very familiar with it because once you get it – you’ve always got it – or so it seems. My first experience with purslane was about 25 years ago when it entered my garden beds through the irrigation water.  I was very ignorant of the amazing propagation properties of purslane.  Thinking it was just a regular weed, we hoed it up.   In about a week we found just as many soft, succulent purslane weeds … Read More

How to Grow Green Beans

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According to the National Academy of Sciences the common bean is one of the most important sources of protein, fiber, and carbohydrates on the planet today. The bean plant originated in Mexico some 10,000 years ago and made its way southward to Peru adjusting to the lowland climates as well as the cooler climate of the Andes.  They are grown in over 150 countries and to date the global harvest is about 18 million tons per year.  There are  over 4000 varieties in the Seed Savers Exchange, and that is not all of them. For economical and highly nutritious food … Read More

Growing Lettuce

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The name lettuce comes from the latin word “lactis” which means milk. It was named for the milky white substance that comes from the stem when it is broken in half. Wild lettuce, also known as prickly lettuce is believed to be the same lettuce that grew anciently as far back as 4500 BC.  Most of us are familiar with this plant and refer to it as a weed. Although bitter, it is edible. Lettuce And The Egyptians Lettuce had a special place in the hearts and minds of the Egyptians.  It is depicted on hieroglyphics with their Gods. The … Read More

Growing Cucumbers

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There is nothing like taking a bite out of a fresh from the vine cucumber.  I love the crisp crunchiness and the cool mild flavor. Cucumbers are one of the veggies I really miss in the dead of winter. Cultivated for 3000 years, cucumbers are listed among the foods of ancient UR, cherished by the Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, and found in Native American gardens as early as  the 1500’s.  They originated in the Himalayan Mountains of India and have made their way around the globe. [spacer height=”30″ mobile_hide=”true”] Health Benefits of Cucumbers [ul style=”4″] low cal veggie with lots of … Read More

Growing Peas

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Peas Have Universal Appeal Archeologist and historians have come across peas in ancient tombs and writings discussing their virtues. The Chinese claim peas were discovered by their emperor Shu Nung, who was known as the Father of Agriculture. In Norse mythology Thor is said to have given his sons peas as a punishment. To appease him the people only ate peas on Thursday, which was “Thor’s day.” [spacer height=”15″ mobile_hide=”true”] [pullQuote position=”center”]Shelling peas are meant to be shelled because their pods are too tough and fibrous to eat. [/pullQuote] [spacer height=”15″ mobile_hide=”true”] Health Benefits of peas: [ul style=”4″] Rich in … Read More

Growing Peppers

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I have fond memories of visiting Santa Fe and seeing the huge cylindrical drums of roasted chili peppers as they turned  over an open flame. Red chili peppers were hanging nearby.  It was fascinating to see how peppers are used in different cultures around the globe.I love growing hot peppers every year and I usually wind up growing a whole lot more than I will ever eat. After seeing the huge drums of roasting peppers, I keep trying to roast them myself to the point where that outer skin comes off easily. The learning curve has been great!  I’m still … Read More