Putting The Garden To Bed

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Fall Clean Up in the Garden

The first hard frost has hit, wiped out the garden, and its time to call it quits for another year. As you put the garden to bed for the winter, remember that the goal in the garden is always to feed the soil. By that, we mean feed the microbial community that lives down under. They are key to growing everything wonderful. We want to give them as much energy as we can during the long cold winter months. We close down our beds as early as September when the summer crops are all harvested. However, if there is time, … Read More

Straw Bale Gardening – The Easiest Way To Grow A Garden

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If you’re one of those who would like to grow a garden, but have space issues, you don’t own any gardening equipment, you have toxic soil, or no soil, you live in an apartment and only have access to a deck, or you have a spare corner to fill, straw bale gardening could be your answer. If you’ve never heard of straw bale gardening, you really need to check this out. To be a successful straw bale gardener, you need a bale of straw, potting soil, water, some kind of nitrogen (manures, nitrogen, ammonium sulfate, some people just pee on the … Read More

Growing Tomatoes

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Tomato Plants without Tomatoes? Tomatoes that are not ripening? Small tomatoes? It’s August and time to start harvesting tomatoes. A big frustration for many gardeners is big beautiful tomato plants with very few blossoms and no tomatoes or tomatoes that are still green and the winter season is coming, but the tomatoes won’t ripen. An abundance of small tomatoes is also a frustration for some.  Why is this happening and what can you do to overcome the problem in time to harvest? Most of the problems with a lack of tomato set is an over abundance of growth energy in … Read More

Planting A Garden For Fall Harvest

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In the dog days heat of the summer, it is quite the challenge to get anything to come up. Here are a couple tips to getting the fall crops going so you can enjoy a bounteous fall harvest.

Plant Disease Appears When Plant Nutrients Are Low

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Planting a Garden Using Succession Planting

Its thrilling to see the first signs of germination in your garden.  The young seedling is full of nutrition delivered by the soil, sun, water, and also by the seed itself.  A newly germinated seed has 6 times the nutrition of a seed that has not germinated.  That is why sprouts are so good for you.  For a time, if you have prepared your soils well, the plant thrives and looks great.  Then, just as the plant is getting mature enough to harvest, things start going wrong.  Yellowing of the leaves develops into brown dead spots that spread throughout the … Read More

Reviving Wilting Plants with Garlic

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I’ve always said that good gardeners are scientists because they’re always experimenting.  There is definitely a learning curve to growing a successful garden.  Over the years you learn about  soil types, climate variations, vegetables more suited to your zone, and numerous other aspects of successful gardening largely through the errors of the current or previous years. For those of us (and that is most of us) who live where the snow falls, it takes a whole year to make adjustments or corrections.  Its not unusual to over correct and err on the opposite end of the spectrum.  Its not unusual … Read More

Bugs On Squash

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There is a bug that is very attracted to the squash plant and it is called the Squash Bug (Anasta Tristis).  It never  ceases to amaze me that they find the squash plants no matter where you plant them in your garden.  This year my squash are half an acre away from where I planted squash last year.  It has probably been 3 years since I had squash in this bed.  Last year and the year before there were no signs of the squash bug – yet this year, I have discovered numerous adult bugs on the squash vines. They … Read More