Hot Weather Gardening Tips

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Tessa harvesting romaine

With +100° weather all over the country this summer, how is your garden growing? Here are some hot weather gardening tips to help you beat the heat and continue to enjoy a delicious harvest. It has definitely been an unusual June for us. We don’t see 100° until some time in late July, if then. Typically we only have 5 -7 days the whole summer where the mercury rises above the century mark, however, this year we have already broken 100 and seem to be headed for more hot days in the future. It’s another example of strange and unusual … Read More

Soil Preparations That Bring Results

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If you are new to gardening and want a sure way to get it going the right way, here is a list of “must do” soil preparations to quick start your garden. Building high energy, nutrient dense soil takes time. However, if your garden bed has never been grown in, you can still have success if you follow these tips. 1. Till or spade under the growth that is currently in the area you want for your garden 2. Obtain some compost from your city compost piles, from the store, or a local farm. Make sure it has been sitting … Read More

Reading The Leaves – Garden Troubleshooting

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Have you ever wondered why your plants look so deformed, aren’t growing really well, and seem to be turning yellow, and brown? Learn to read the leaves. It will turn your gardening experience into success every year. Sometimes no matter how much we try, the plants in our garden just don’t do well. Over the next few weeks I will be posting some troubleshooting posts to help you overcome common difficulties. It isn’t unusual for one plant in the same row to suffer from nutrient deficiencies when the other plants are doing fine. If the fertilizers or soil amendments were … Read More

It’s Worth It To Hand Weed Purslane

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wheelbarrow of purl sane

I’m not sure whether purslane enters my garden through the irrigation water or the compost, but it has been bad this year. I noticed it coming up by the thousands in my squash bed. We used a hoe two different times to get rid of the troublesome weed, but to no avail. For some reason I keep thinking if I just get to it while it is still really small, maybe I can beat it. I know better though. While hoeing it up just resulted in planting it all again, I do think that it did cut back by maybe … Read More

Hunting the Hungry Hopper

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Grasshopper Pic

The bane of my gardening world is the ravenous leaf-eating grasshopper!  I am already under attack with thousands of miniature hoppers that will become big hoppers in no time as they methodically strip my plants of their leaves. Typically, they hatch in the spring from eggs just under the surface of the soil.  Then they hide underneath the leaves of plants where it is hard to see them.  Even if you do see them, you can be sure with their large compound eyes, they will see you first. Hand picking grasshoppers is a job for someone a whole lot faster … Read More

Epsom Salts and Beautiful Plants

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Boston Fern

I remember as a young child that epsom salts were always on hand.  Mostly we drew a hot tub of water and soaked in it after a hard day’s work. Or we soaked in it when we were sick and achy with flu, chicken pox, or measles.  It was wonderfully soothing.  I highly recommend trying a warm tub of  epsom salts if you haven’t before.  There are some wonderfully scented epsom salts on the market these days with eucalyptus and spearmint essential oils in them.  You can find epsom salt in most grocery stores.   It is still one of … Read More