Hot Weather Gardening Tips

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Tessa harvesting romaine

With +100° weather all over the country this summer, how is your garden growing? Here are some hot weather gardening tips to help you beat the heat and continue to enjoy a delicious harvest. It has definitely been an unusual June for us. We don’t see 100° until some time in late July, if then. Typically we only have 5 -7 days the whole summer where the mercury rises above the century mark, however, this year we have already broken 100 and seem to be headed for more hot days in the future. It’s another example of strange and unusual … Read More

Soil Preparations That Bring Results

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If you are new to gardening and want a sure way to get it going the right way, here is a list of “must do” soil preparations to quick start your garden. Building high energy, nutrient dense soil takes time. However, if your garden bed has never been grown in, you can still have success if you follow these tips. 1. Till or spade under the growth that is currently in the area you want for your garden 2. Obtain some compost from your city compost piles, from the store, or a local farm. Make sure it has been sitting … Read More