Organic Pesticide Recipes

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These are recipes that have been handed down and around by master gardeners, organic farmers, and horticulturists.  They work, but you need to use them more often.  Also, it is better to spray in the evening when the sun is not hot and direct.     Soft Soap Sprays 6 tbsp. Ivory Snow and 1 gal of water  (I’ve also used dish soap) Best sprayed in the evenings when sun is low   Repellent sprays can be made from plants such as Tansy, Artemisia, Tomato, Garlic, Onion, Cayenne or Rhubarb.  Make a spray by boiling 2 lbs of leaves (or … Read More

Soil Preparation

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Soil preparation is critical to the success of your gardening experience. Soils support plants physically as well as providing them with needed nutrients, water, and oxygen. Soils are complex mixtures of dead and live organisms.  All soil is not the same.  Some are more dead than others and almost all need supplementation.   There are sandy, silt, and clay soils.  Most of us have some kind of combination of those three textures.  Knowing what kind of soil you have will help you make better decisions when it comes to watering your plants.  Sandy soils do not hold water very long, … Read More

Gardening Helps

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One of the purposes of this site is to help with all those questions and frustrations you will be running into. We will address them as soon as we can. We have also provided you with some links to websites that will also be very helpful. We invite those pros out there who have learned many tips and tricks over the years, and who have knowledge about specific soil, area, or climate issues that affect plants, to chime in and share their knowledge.