Welcome to Roberts Ranch! We purchased this little piece of heaven about 7 years ago. It was another step in our long range plan of living a self-reliant lifestyle. We made a goal 32 years ago to become self reliant. It’s been a long haul. During those years ten children joined our family (one at a time). There were many days when we didn’t do anything more than raise kids. It is interesting though, that writing that goal down so long ago has really made a difference. In the beginning we were just starving students eeking out a living. As we look back, we chose to learn this or that skill here and there that helped us become less and less dependent on others for food, health, well-being, clothing, and even shelter. Though it seemed to take forever, we eventually learned to preserve our own food, make our own bread, soap, lotions, and clothing. Michelle became a master gardener and Glen became a lawyer (there is some self reliance in that?!)

We took another step toward more self reliance when we decided to pursue a more independent means of education and embarked upon a journey of finding the best forms of learning available that would allow for a broad deep classical education for our children. Our home became a center for education and learning. During those years we were always seeking a larger piece of property to raise our children, grow a larger garden, and raise a few animals on. For 13 years we would drive about 15 miles south of our home to what we considered the ideal place to live. It was a beautiful area with homes not closer than 5 acres apart, lots of green pastures, gently rolling hills, and framed by gorgeous mountains. It was out of the city, close enough to civilization, yet far enough away to feel like country. Amazingly, that is where we live today, on a 6 1/2 acre farm with wells, water rights, flower gardens, herb gardens, vegetable gardens, animals, and tons of work. Yikes!

We’ve had plenty of “growing experiences” since then. Living the “country life” isn’t easy! That is sort of a nice way of saying we have indeed “failed” at times. Our learning curve has been huge. It isn’t the convenient thing, nor is it always the least expensive way – like the time when we finally realized a huge Red Tail hawk was gobbling up our baby chicks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We had let the little chicks out in the pasture too soon. Eggs get pretty expensive when you are feeding the hawks.

There have been days when we have wondered why we went down this path and why we feel so committed to not only living it, but raising our children with it, and sharing the lifestyle with others. Many times we have thought how nice the luxury life of convenience is. How easy it is to shop at the store. It is especially tempting for Michelle because, well, she’s a city girl and we don’t have to live this way, its really a choice.

For us it comes down to freedom. If you keep a people well fed, entertained, and totally reliant, you can easily control them. When we give up too much independence, we put ourselves at risk. Today we are a people at risk, and what do we risk? More than anything we risk our freedom. We need to get back to doing as much for ourselves as we can. We need to learn how to raise our own food. The handicrafts of yesterday are almost unknown to the young people today. A warm home cooked meal which used to be commonplace is a thing of the past in many households.

We live in a world that is becoming more and more unstable. If you have your ear to the ground, your eyes wide open, and are a student of current events, and of history, you know we are headed for very hard times. We are to the point where it is an unavoidable eventuality. What will become of you if you have no food and no way of getting any and even if you could get yourself some seeds to plant, how are you going to grow something in soil that is completely lacking in nutrients necessary for healthy plant growth? Now is the time to learn and practice life skills.

Food is – in my opinion – the most important of the basic needs. That is why we started our blog and self-reliant lessons with gardening. There are so many other topics to cover in self-sustainable, provident living and I will share what I have learned and what I am learning as often as I can, with a goal to add lessons 4 – 5 times per year with helpful posts twice a month.

Putting all the “world crisis” issues aside, we have another problem today that threatens our health and well-being. Our food has become adulterated with poisonous pesticides, chemicals, toxins, and genetic modifications. When you grow your own and preserve your own, you can be certain it is free of such things.

For these reasons and more, we offer you these self-reliance lessons. That is what we are all about here at Roberts Ranch. We have an insatiable desire to be free, independent, and as self-reliant as we can be. Come join us and live free!

Michelle Roberts

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