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Green Drink Smoothies

Go Green with Green Drink Smoothies!

March is the month for  ”A Bit O’ Green” and I can’t think of a better thing to do than recommit to eating and drinking more greens.  The good news is that many Americans are doing just that.  The green drink smoothie has replaced breakfast  in many households  and I think that is a good […]

Kefir Drink

Fermented Drinks

Most of these recipes come from either Sally Fallon and her book Nourishing Traditions or from Sandor Katz and his book The Art of Fermentation.   To begin with, you need a set of tools for proper fermentation. Invest in some air lock lids or create some yourself. Mason jars will do for most fermentation […]

Grassfed Beef

Why Eat Grass Fed Beef?

Agricultural drug use has become a huge health concern for both animals and humans.  It is my opinion that organic, grass-fed meat, that is raised the old fashioned way – on pasture grass, is really the only type of meat worth eating, if you want to maintain good health.  People need to realize that grass-fed animals […]


All About Apples

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” And that is no kidding! Some of the benefits of eating apples include: whiter, healthier teeth, helps protect against and fight Alzheimers, protects against Parkinson’s, Curbs Cancers, decreases risks of diabetes, reduces cholesterol, reduces gallstones, supports a healthy heart, and more! Apples should be on the list of foods to eat and foods to preserve.

Green Tomatoes

What To Do With Green Tomatoes!

Indeterminate tomato plants will grow like a vine forever if they have enough food, water, and sunshine. So it doesn’t matter when the frost hits, there will always be green tomatoes on the vines. One of the hardest things about gardening is having to put all those tomatoes in the compost pile. Isn’t there some […]

Fall Clean Up in the Garden

Putting The Garden To Bed

The first hard frost has hit, wiped out the garden, and its time to call it quits for another year. As you put the garden to bed for the winter, remember that the goal in the garden is always to feed the soil. By that, we mean feed the microbial community that lives down under. […]

Siamese Cat

Cats Are a Must Have on the Farm

Isn’t he a beauty! Cats are always an important part of the landscape on the farm. They have an important job to do. Without them we would be overrun with mice and grasshoppers. The nice thing about cats is their independent natures. They manage by themselves, want attention in their own time and their own […]